Sheridan Smith doesn't know "why" her fiance wants to marry her.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

The 37-year-old singer-and-actress met Jamie Horn on Tinder in January and she credits the 28-year-old insurance broker for helping her find the strength to record her personal new album, 'A Northern Soul', but she joked both she and her mum were stunned when he popped the question.

She said: "I have fallen in love.

"I don't think I could have made this album if I was in the same place, emotionally, because I'd probably end up crumbling and having another meltdown.

"Now I've got my fella with me all the time and he's put a ring on my finger.

"God knows why he'll have me. My mum actually said that to him, when he asked for my hand in marriage. She said, 'Do you know what you're getting yourself in for?' Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mum!"

Sheridan quit musical 'Funny Girl' in March 2016 during a difficult period in her life that saw her father's diagnosis with terminal cancer spark a "meltdown", and though she's upset her dad Colin witnessed her mental decline towards his final days, she's grateful she was "better" before he passed away that November.

She said: "That was the catalyst, and suddenly I was having a proper meltdown. I'm upset that my dad had to see that. But at least I got myself better to be with him for his last days."

But the 'Moorside' actress was convinced her career was over and during her break from acting, got a number of tattoos, including lotuses, a butterfly and diamonds on her hands, and now thinks she was an "idiot" for doing so.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I just covered myself. I've got more down my sides and my legs. And now I've gone back to work. What an idiot...

"The good thing is that, these days, I'm mainly playing cardigan wearers. Chunky mums, that's my roles now. So as long as I cover my hands, I'm good for a few more years!"

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