Sigourney Weaver hopes the coronavirus pandemic will teach people to change their "behaviour" to protect the planet.

Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver

The 71-year-old actress thinks the global health crisis has allowed people to take a step back and reflect on what the future holds, and she wants to it spark widespread change to preserve the world for future generations.

She said: “I feel like the whole world has been given a pause to reflect on where we’re going.

"If we can change our behaviour that quickly for Covid, we can change our behaviour to protect the planet and each other.”

The 'Alien' star quarantined at home with her husband Jim Simpson and their daughter Charlotte and she admitted the last few months have offered "wonderful times" for families to bond.

She told the i newspaper: “Despite the tragedy of the pandemic, there have been some wonderful times for families to be together in a very unexpected way.

" My daughter turned 30 with us, which is probably not ideal for a 30 year old.

"I have a very close relationship with her, closer than my relationship with my mother; she was very formal because she was English.”

And despite concerns for the future of cinema after most major movie releases were delayed or went straight to streaming, Sigourney is confident the industry will survive.

She said: "Maybe the theatrical experience will be different, but I think there is nothing like coming together with other people and watching a movie. Maybe that will be less common but I do not doubt that this business, like many others, will come back stronger.”

When it comes to her own career, the 'My Salinger Year' actress is pleased it is still going strong, which she attributes to the choices she's made over the years.

She said: "First of all, I try not to believe in all those clichés that actresses don’t work after 40.

"I was lucky because I was never the romantic one, except in a few movies. I’m grateful for my choices because now I am getting older, what’s available to me is even more interesting."

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