Sinitta "still fancies" Simon Cowell.



The 53-year-old singer dated the entertainment mogul - who is now in a relationship with Lauren Silverman, with whom he has three-year-old son Eric - in the 1980s, and although the pair have remained close friends ever since, Sinitta insists there is still "sexual chemistry" between them.

She said: "There's still sexual chemistry between Simon and I. I still fancy him - there are lots of things I find very attractive about him but I've been programmed to like Simon. It's more than just sex. If it were just about sex, our connection would've fizzled out years ago but it's more than that."

And although the 'So Macho' hitmaker admits she once thought she and the 'X Factor' creator would tie the knot, she is happy he has struck up a relationship with Lauren, as their relationship is "different".

She added: "I always thought Simon and I would grow up and get married. There was a long period where I thought 'damn, that should've been me.' But their relationship is very different to ours. I'm not sure I can be what Lauren is for him."

Despite thinking 57-year-old Simon and Lauren, 39, are a good match, the 'Toy Boy' singer doesn't think the pair will ever get married as she compared their relationship to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who split last year.

Sinitta revealed: "He won't marry Lauren. Look at Angelina and Brad - they were together for years and had the perfect family. But as soon as they got married it all went wrong and they got divorced. I think he believes that if something isn't broke then don't fix it."

The brunette beauty also spoke about her relationship with Dannii Minogue - who appeared alongside Simon on the UK version of 'The X Factor' in 2007 - and said she was "jealous" of how close the star got to her former flame.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Sinitta said: "I really liked Dannii Minogue when she was on the show, but she killed our friendship.

"She's a fellow Libra, so we connected, but I was too jealous. We could've been very close, but the green-eyed monster took over. The fact she's so petite also made me feel like the biggest oaf on the planet. Her sister's the same."