Bill Gates's daughter Phoebe has confirmed she is dating Sir Paul McCartney's grandson Arthur Donald.

Phoebe Gates confirmed her romance with Arthur Donald almost a year after it was reported they were an item

Phoebe Gates confirmed her romance with Arthur Donald almost a year after it was reported they were an item

Last October, the 21-year-old Human Biology graduate shared an Instagram snap of her and Arthur, 25, - the son of the 82-year-old Beatles legend's daughter Mary McCartney, 54, and her first husband Alistair Donald - on a balcony in Paris that seemingly confirmed that the pair are dating.

And in a photo diary for Nylon, Phoebe shared several pictures from her graduation celebrations of her and Arthur.

One was captioned: "My boyfriend, Arthur, giving me a lift post-ceremony."

Another read: "With Arthur, he cleans up nicely."

Phoebe graduated with her Bachelor degree in science from the prestigious Stanford University.

The famous families have close connection as Phoebe's mother Melinda Gates, 59, is friends with Arthur's aunt Stella McCartney.

The 68-year-old billionaire Microsoft founder's daughter was quoted by the Daily Mail's Eden Confidential column as saying of the 52-year-old fashion designer: "Even when I was little, she would send me stuff and little notes and I'd be so excited.

"We are really deeply connected."

Prior to her romance with Arthur, Phoebe was in a relationship with fellow Stanford alumni Robert Ross but was targeted by trolls who left cruel comments about the interracial romance.

She responded to the trolling by stating that she was "done" with people making fun of the relationship.

Asked about the worst part of being a social media star, Phoebe - who has 424,000 followers on Instagram - told The Information: "The misconceptions and conspiracy theories about my family and my relationship with my boyfriend.

"It’s 2023. I’m done being memed for being in an interracial relationship."

Phoebe also has a big presence on TikTok where she posts clips of herself working out, showing off her favourite outfits and discussing political issues with her mother.

She has also made a splash in the fashion world as she has earned invites to shows at New York and Paris Fashion Week and even interned at British Vogue.

Phoebe has explained that she wants to "be her own person" and not rely on her wealthy parents for success.