Sir Rod Stewart does "SAS-style" workouts every day.

Sir Rod Stewart does intense training every day at the age of 78

Sir Rod Stewart does intense training every day at the age of 78

The 78-year-old rock star - who is married to model Penny Lancaster - is committed to doing intense workouts every day, revealing that he's even been swimming with weighted bricks ahead of his UK tour in November and December.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It was 'SAS' style. Nothing stops me from doing that. It was in a 20-metre indoor pool, where we do some SAS training by swimming with weighted bricks under water, and all sorts of joviality.

"Sometimes when you exercise you think, ‘f*** I can’t be bothered to exercise this morning. But then you push yourself, it’s just so uplifting for your mind and body. If I go 10 days without working out, I go in the dumps."

The 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' hitmaker and his wife Penny, 52, feel "very fortunate" that they're able to live in a big, comfy house in Essex, south-east England, and they're able to avoid being "on top" of each other all of the time.

Asked if the extra space helps their romance, Rod - who has been married to Penny since 2007 - replied: "It does actually. We often joke about the fact that we can both be in this large house in Essex and not see each other. We stay within the perimeters of the house but we don’t see each other until the evening. We wake up, have a cup of tea in bed together, and then she goes her way and I go mine.

"It’s lovely, we are not on top of each other all the time. We’re very fortunate in that position."

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