Ariel Winter thinks Sofia Vergara's upcoming bridal shower will be "very extravagant."

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

The 17-year-old actress can't wait to watch her 'Modern Family' co-star tie the knot with Joe Manganiello in Miami, Florida next month, and has no doubt the Colombian beauty, 43, will also enjoy all of the festivities leading up to their big day.

Asked about her bridal shower, she said: "It'll be very extravagant. She has amazing taste."

Ariel is relieved the couple have asked for donations to be made to charity of their choice in lieu of wedding gifts because she doesn't know what else to give them.

She told E! News: "I'm the worst at figuring out gifts, When I buy gifts I like them to have some meaning. I'm still asking myself what to get them. What do you get a couple who has everything? They're beautiful, they've found each other, they're rich!"

Ariel and Sofia's other co-star Julie Bowen recently claimed to have lots of ideas about what to get the actress for her bridal shower.

She told "She has a beautiful new house. And maybe there's a charity she's into. Something for like, poor, unfortunate supermodels. She's very, very involved with charities back in Colombia for children and education so maybe if we raise money for them on set that will be a good thing."