Sophie Turner is a "cheapskate".

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

The 21-year-old actress enjoys visiting her old schoolfriends at their universities, but despite her success in 'Game of Thrones' and the 'X-Men' franchise, she admits she doesn't pick up the bar bills for everyone.

She said: "I'm actually such a cheapskate, but all my friends are cool about it. We take turns getting rounds, I'm not an expensive person. I will go to Topshop, or get a £1 vodbull (vodka and Red Bull)."

The British star - who is dating Joe Jonas - also doesn't like all the fake praise that goes round in Hollywood, so likes to give "s**t" to her friends when she visits them in Los Angeles.

She told the new issue of Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "I have a lot of friends who were brought up in the UK like me, who are working in LA as actors.

"When I go over, I'm giving them s**t and being sarcastic. They're like, 'Thank god.'

"They're stuck in this place where everyone is so far up your a**e. It's a business town, it's understandable.

"But sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you're not a f***ing superstar."

And Sophie is equally blunt in her professional life.

She admitted: "I've had media training and I hated it. I think people appreciate honesty.

"Seeing Kristen Stewart doing interviews and talking about her sexuality - it's so forward-thinking. I like that. Cut the bulls**t."

Sophie is very close to her 'Game of Thrones' co-star Maisie Williams, 20, and the pair even suggest roles to one another when they've auditioned for a project they feel would suit the other better.

She said: "We're so close I've been put up for projects and been like, 'You need to go for this'.

"Then she'll say, 'I said no to this because I think you need to go for this.' "

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