Stella Maxwell insists the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is promoting female empowerment.

Stella Maxwell

Stella Maxwell

The 28-year-old model has been a VS Angel since 2015 and she doesn't accept accusations that the lingerie brand's annual catwalk extravaganza provides young girls and women with an unrealistic body image to young women because she and her fellow models show everything that they do to get in runway shape on their social media accounts.

Speaking to the new digital issue of Glamour UK, she said: "For me, it feels empowering to walk down a runway in my underwear! The message I want to send out is that women are sexy. We have girls from all over the world in the show - it's just a very sexy and confident role and situation you are lucky to be in. I personally really enjoy the moment of the runway show. I think it's all about feeling good and looking amazing."

Stella also thinks that the Angels are showing their fans that exercise and healthy eating is good for your mental health.

She added: "I think every girl has worked really hard and I think you can see that even just through our Instagrams. We show all the exercise we are doing - and the mental health, too. Exercise is great for your mental health! The show is about being really comfortable in your body and it's about embracing your body. All the hard work we have been doing over months comes to a point where you go, 'Yes, this is it, this is what I have been working so hard for!' I think that's mainly what it is about: it's about hard work!"

This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show takes place in New York City on November 8.