Stephen Colbert wants to provide an open bar for the Emmy Awards losers.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert

The 'Late Show' presenter will host the prestigious ceremony at the weekend and thinks there should be some alcoholic comfort for those who miss out on prizes at the famously booze-free event at Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater.

He said: "I'd rather just have a rolling bar for the losers. There's no bar here. This isn't the Golden Globes. There's no bar in the lobby! Have you ever been to the Emmys?

"Winners get everything. They win!"

And the 53-year-old presenter joked he's planning to follow in the footsteps of past Emmy hosts such as Andy Samberg and Neil Patrick Harris with a musical number.

Asked by E! News if a song or dance is on the cards, he said: "Sure, why not? How about some singing and some dancing. Now that you've suggested it, it has to happen.

"Any interview with E! is legally binding. Just because I'm not under oath does not mean that action can be taken against me in a court of law."

But when it comes to wardrobe changes, Stephen plans to keep it simple.

He said: "I think I just have the one [outfit] unless I sweat through it or tear something."

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