Steve-O feels like he has "a network of guardian angels" guiding him through life.

Steve-O feels like he's had spiritual guidance

Steve-O feels like he's had spiritual guidance

The 'Jackass Forever' star - who first appeared on the MTV stunt show in 2000 and has returned for the fifth big screen spin-off - admitted the way his life has gone gives him a "great sense of faith", as he admitted he started doing stunts so his ex-girlfriend in college would be worried about him after their break-up.

Appearing on 'The Ariel Helwani Show', he said: "I really look back on my life and I can't help but feel a barely profound sense of faith that a lot of the timing of different events in my life.

"Looking back on it, I can't help but feel like I have some kind of network of guardian angels, that the universe has some plan." "I feel that the universe had a plan for me. It gives me a great sense of faith."

The AGE-year-old star also recalled being an "attention whore" as a child in school, including one particular instance aged 10 when he decided to pull out one of his last baby teeth to cause a scene with the "prettiest girl in the class".

He explained: "I had learned enough about my teeth to know that if you rip out the baby tooth before it's ready to come out, there's gonna be a lot of blood... I hatched a plan and I walked int my class and sat next to the prettiest girl in the class.

"I confidently told her, 'I don't have to be in class today, I can leave whenever I want.' She looked at me like I'm a weirdo and then when the class I started, I ripped out the tooth as violently as I could, and sure enough there was all this blood.

"I raised my hand with all this blood in my mouth, I said, 'Teacher, I'm bleeding, I need to got to the nurse'. The teacher, seeing all the blood, said, 'Of course, get out of here, go to the nurse'. And I proudly stood up, turned to the girl and said, 'I told you so!' "

Steve-O has heard stories of himself as a baby knocking out a baby tooth the first time he tried to walk, and even by eight years old he was the class clown.

He added: "I have some pretty wild memories from grade school... I remember being in the cafeteria in third grade when I was eight years old and get everyone to corral around me to watch me open the salt shaker and consume ridiculous quantities of salt."

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