The stuntwoman who lost her arm on the set of 'Resident Evil: The Final Chapter' wishes she could "crawl" out of her skin and "all the pains in it".

Olivia Jackson (c) Instagram

Olivia Jackson (c) Instagram

Olivia Jackson, who also suffered suffered serious head injuries and a punctured lung when she crashed into a metal camera arm while filming a high-speed motorcycle chase in 2015, has taken to Instagram to reveal the extent of her injuries and discuss the mental anguish she has subsequently faced.

Alongside an image of her scarred back, Olivia wrote: "Scew much? This is the twisted upper body I'm left with from my accident. Scew spine, off-centered neck (the most painful part), twisted shoulder blade, permanently dislocated shoulder, 1 arm, muscle atrophy on the left hand side of my core & plenty more other treats. I don't mean to moan, but sometimes I just want to crawl out of my own skin & all the pains in it #thankgoodnessImnotmodellinganymore #2spinalops=bigscar (sic)"

Previously, the stunt double, who has stood in for A-listers like Charlize Theron and Milla Jovovich, said she was determined to make the most of her life, despite losing her arm on the set of the movie.

She explained: "Sometimes, when I catch sight of my stump in the mirror, I feel a wave of sadness.

"There's no point in feeling down about life - it won't make my arm grow back. I used to miss my old face but now I style my hair to fall forwards to hide the big scar.

"Surgeons did an amazing job piecing fragments of my facial bones together and I think I look all right now."

Olivia spent spent 17 days in a coma following the accident, in which she also suffered a broken shoulder blade, ribs and vertebrae, as well as bleeding on her brain.