Tamara Ecclestone is "almost done" with breastfeeding her four-year-old daughter.

Sophia and Tamara Ecclestone

Sophia and Tamara Ecclestone

The 34-year-old socialite has revealed she's slowly phasing out breastfeeding her daughter Sophia, who is preparing for her first term in school.

She told Hello! magazine: "I definitely think it's something that [Sophia's] almost done with and it's phasing out. And I'm fine about that. It's happened so gradually and I've been expecting it."

Tamara - who has Sophia with her husband Jay Rutland - has been outspoken on the issue of breastfeeding over the years, saying it's helped her to "reconnect" with Sophia.

She said: "It's only at bedtime. It's her bedtime routine. We do bath time, then we read four stories every night, then she has the boob.

"She falls asleep. That's her way, she doesn't have a dummy or a bottle to comfort her."

What's more, Tamara previously revealed she'd never spent a single night away from her daughter, who sleeps in the same bed as her and her husband.

In fact, Sophia even shared their bed on the night of their fifth wedding anniversary.

Speaking earlier this year, she explained: "It's my fifth wedding anniversary soon and Fifi's coming. I can see it as a problem when Jay is like 'get her out of the bed.'"

She said, too, that her daughter's early years seem to have passed by so quickly.

Tamara added: "It's crazy how quickly it's gone from her being born to now going to school. Nursery went by in a flash.

"The day she was getting measured for her school uniform I was getting really teary and the lady could tell, and she said: 'Oh don't worry, all the mums get a bit emotional.'

"I will definitely cry on the first day of school - not because I don't want her to go, but because I'm just so proud of her."

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