Taylor Swift has praised Cara Delevingne as a "deeply loyal" friend.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The 27-year-old model and actress appears on the cover of Variety magazine this month, and her close friend Taylor has penned a sweet tribute for the publication in which she describes Cara as "eccentric, hilarious, and loving", and says it's a "wild ride" being her friend.

She wrote in an email to Variety: "Cara is extreme, eccentric, hilarious, loving and deeply loyal. She's an explorer by nature and is always on the hunt for the next adventure, which makes it a wild ride being her friend. You legitimately never know where the night will take you when she's around.

"But while she's spirited and outgoing, she's also the person you'll find in the corner of a party talking to someone she's just met for hours, just because they're going through a rough time. She's deeply curious about others and profoundly sensitive. It's that mixture of curiosity and sensitivity that I think makes her such a natural at becoming someone else on camera."

And the 'Look What You Made Me Do' hitmaker, 30, isn't the only star who gave Cara a glowing review, as her 'Carnival Row' co-star Orlando Bloom said she is always "uniquely herself" whilst describing her talent as an actress.

He said: "She's uniquely herself. She's always moving, clicking her fingers, tapping. When she has moments of stillness in juxtaposition with her nervous energy, it works."

Cara hasn't been able to hang out with her friends and co-stars in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and told the publication she's been spending most of her time with her dogs instead.

The 'Paper Towns' actress explained of her time in lockdown: "I have been keeping busy. I have a whole drum kit-piano-guitar setup, which is really great. My dogs have been really important to have around. Just keeping a daily pattern. I really want to come out of it knowing that I've grown. I'm still trying to create and do things."