Taylor Swift feels "so lucky" to have fans that "care" about her.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

The 'Look What You Made Me Do' hitmaker spoke of how grateful she was to have such amazing fans as she wrapped her mammoth 'reputation' stadium tour in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday (21.11.18).

She said: "[I wanted to do a show] that would make you feel like you were escaping and going into a different world. I'm so happy that that's the kind of show that you've wanted to see, because it makes it so much fun to create a world for you. I'm so lucky to get to do that. I'm so lucky you care about anything I create, whether it be music or a stage show. Thank you for coming tonight, and thank you for coming to be a part of my life. I love you."

And the 28-year-old singer never thought in her "wildest dreams" that she would be able to put on a show like she has done.

Speaking before she performed her hit 'Wildest Dreams', she added: "Every single performer that you see on this stage, whether it be a dancer, or a background singer, or a member of the band, when I say that these are crowds we never even thought we would get to be in front of, even in our wildest dreams."

Meanwhile, Taylor previously urged her fans to be "kind" to themselves.

She said: "One thing I have noticed in my life is you can never judge what somebody else is going through, even if they seem like they have it all together, they seem like, how can they ever have any problems? Somebody is maybe really beautiful or seems like they have it all together. Maybe they have a life that you're really envious of.

"But I've learned that appearances aren't everything. Just because somebody looks happy doesn't mean they are. Just because somebody looks healthy doesn't mean they are. There's so much pressure on everyone these days to have it all together, to have a perfect body, a perfect life, to know exactly where they want to go with their life.

"I think the stress and the pressure of not being able to say that they're hurting have really taken a toll on a lot of people. So I'm just asking you, just try to be kind to yourself. Just know that there are so many people that are going through the exact same thing that you might be going through, whatever it is."

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