Theo Rossi wants to have a "third kid" with his wife Meghan McDermott.

Theo Rossi at 'Lowriders' premiere

Theo Rossi at 'Lowriders' premiere

The 41-year-old actor has 23-month-old son Kane and is expecting his second child with his spouse, but the 'Luke Cage' star has admitted he wants to continue to expand his brood.

Speaking about his future family plans to ET Online at the Los Angeles premiere of his new production 'Lowriders' on Tuesday (09.05.17), the New York City-born star - who portrays Francisco 'Ghost' Alvarez in the drama film alongside Eva Longoria and Melissa Benoist - said: "Our first kid was born during filming this and now we're having another one. So if they do a 'Lowriders 2', I might have a third kid."

The couple admitted they waited to discover the gender of their first child until he was born, and they plan to do the same the second time around because they want to be "surprised" and they do not get "many surprises" in life.

He explained: "We were surprised on our son, during the making of this, and we'll be surprised on this. You don't get many surprises in life"

And the couple - who have been married for three years after they tied the knot in 2014 - only hope for one thing, which is that their child will be "a healthy, beautiful baby."

Theo and Meghan have admitted Kane is "super young" and doesn't quite understand that he will soon be a big brother and have his first sibling, although the pair have been trying to "prep him a lot".

Theo - whose full name is John Theodore Rossi - said: "[Kane is] super young.

"He's figuring it all out. We prep him a lot."

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