Tom Felton has got a new puppy.

Tom Felton's new dog (c) Instagram

Tom Felton's new dog (c) Instagram

The former 'Harry Potter' actor - who is dating Roxanne Danya - took to Instagram earlier this week to introduce his followers to a golden labrador pooch he has named Forrest.

Showing a photo of the dog sitting on his hand, he wrote: "It gives me great pleasure to introduce Forrest. Welcome to the family mate xx #herewegoagain (sic)"

Tom already has his hand full with his furry friends because the day before he introduced Forrest to his followers, he shared a photo of the chaos his black Labrador Willow had caused, with cabling all over the room and a toy duck ripped to pieces while the pooch curled up contentedly on a cushion.

He captioned the post: "Ducky tripped over the cable , panicked then ripped his own voice box out. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it - Willow."

The 35-year-old star had cryptically hinted at the new arrival last week when he shared a photo of Willow enjoying a walk outside.

He'd captioned that post: "Morning Wills - big week this one! x (sic)"

Meanwhile, fans are currently able to interact with Tom as Guy Fawkes when visiting 'The Gunpowder Plot', London's biggest new attraction, which is currently running at Tower Vaults at the Tower of London.

The multi-sensory adventure mixes live actors and digital stars in a theatrical adventure, where visitors step back in time to 1605 to infiltrate the inner circle of Fawkes and his conspirators and learn more about the conspiracy against the Houses of Parliament. For tickets, visit

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