Tony Danza features on The Gypsy Queens’ latest album.

Tony Danza features on The Gypsy Queens’ latest album

Tony Danza features on The Gypsy Queens’ latest album

The ‘Taxi’ actor, 72, joins Lulu, 75, singer Peter Noone, 76, on the group’s third studio album ‘Reminiscing with Friends’, set for release on 17 November.

Founding member Didier Casnati said about the upcoming release: “It is unbelievable that we have been able to do a record with these incredible musicians and brilliant producer, and share the singing with some of my all time greatest heroes, Lulu, Tony and Peter.

“I can’t thank them enough! We are so excited to be able to share the sound of The Gypsy Queens with the world through this record, and we hope it brings listeners as much joy as it gave us to create it.”

The Gypsy Queens is a French pop band formed in Nice by Didier, and have been likened to bands such as The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

Even though the group released albums in 2012 and 2014 they are known as a performing band, typically playing at more than 200 private events a year

They were ‘discovered’ by the likes of Sir Elton John and Nicolas Sarkozy and have been mainstays of the private party circuit of the rich and famous ever since.

Founder Didier has said: “We are the most famous band you have never heard of.”

Along with Didier, The Gypsy Queens consists of Liam Hornsby (drummer and singer); Tyler Gasek (saxophonist and singer); Joan Chavez (contrabass player); and Geronimo Ribas (guitarist and singer.)

‘Reminiscing with Friends’ was produced by the band’s long-term collaborator Larry Klein, and Tony will feature on the single ‘Buona Sera Signorina’, which will be available from 13 October.

The single ‘Oh Me Oh My’ with Lulu will be released on 3 November and the first track on the album featuring Peter Noone has already released – the old favourite ‘I’m into Something Good’.

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