‘Trainspotting’ actor Vincent Friell has died aged 64.

‘Trainspotting’ actor Vincent Friell has died aged 64

‘Trainspotting’ actor Vincent Friell has died aged 64

The Glasgow-born star – probably best known for playing tour-bus robber Will in cult favourite movie ‘Restless Natives’ – starred as Diane’s dad in Danny Boyle’s 1996 movie ‘Trainspotting’, and his passing left fans and colleagues stunned when it was announced on Tuesday (16.04.24) by his agent – though no details were given about the cause of his death.

Scores of tributes have since poured in from actors and writers including ‘Restless Natives’ creator Ninian Dunnett, who is currently working on a stage adaptation of the 1985 movie with its the original director Michael Hoffman.

He said: “I’m desperately sad to get this tragic news, he died far too early.

“We were blessed to find him for ‘Restless Natives’ as he had a gift for that character - the romantic worrier with the world on his shoulders.

“Vince’s lugubrious, doe-eyed, young face really is the spirit of the film to many people. And always will be.

“We’re going to be touring the stage musical round Scotland next year, and I’m more sorry than I can say that Vince won’t be with us to share in the nostalgia and the celebration.”

Vincent also starred in ‘Still Game’ as property developer Chris who planned to shut down The Clansman in the episode ‘Who’s the Daddy’.

His other credits included a role in sitcom ‘Still Hours’, an episode of Taggart, in which he appeared alongside Ray Winstone, 67, and the TV film ‘Tough Love’, which also starred 65-year-old ‘Line of Duty’ actor Adrian Dunbar.

‘Rab C Nesbitt’ creator Ian Pattison, 73, who worked with Vincent when he appeared in the BBC sitcom in 1992, was also among those paying tribute to the actor.

He said: “Vince did us the honour of appearing in the ‘Eorpa’ episode of ‘Rab C Nesbitt’.

“His passing has come as a huge shock to his many friends and work colleagues.

“What comes over clearly is how respected Vince was, not only as an actor but as a funny, sensitive and caring human being.

“Condolences to Vince’s family at this very difficult time.