Travis Kelce's father has praised "gracious" Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce's father praises 'gracious' Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce's father praises 'gracious' Taylor Swift

Ed Kelce has gotten to know Taylor after spending time with her at Travis' football games and he is very impressed with how the popstar handles her fame and deals with fans.

He told The Los Angeles Times: "Every game there’s people crowding outside the front of that suite trying to get a glimpse of Taylor, wanting to meet Taylor.

"Taylor’s very gracious, but she can’t do everything.

"And she’s got security guys who don’t want her doing anything. That’s their job, and she’s smart enough to know, ‘I’m paying these guys to keep me safe. I should probably listen to them.'

"But if it was up to her, she’d be out there with everyone who wants her."

Ed also admires Taylor as a businesswoman and said he got a sense of her intelligence from the speech she made while receiving an honorary doctorate of fine arts from New York University in 2022.

He said: "Listening to that, you get a much better sense of who this young woman is, as opposed to the social media blurbs and the gossip magazines. That’s all celebrity stuff. This is more the real Taylor.”

And, Ed - whose other son Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles - revealed that the romance between Travis and Taylor, both 34, has led to an increase in his own fame.

He explained: "A couple places you go to breakfast in Kansas City, and you don’t get the check. Or somebody will buy you dinner.

"It gets to a point where you get a little uneasy. That’s a nice gesture, but wait a minute. I’ve got a few bucks, I can buy my lunch.

"My boys know where they’re from. They know that all this notoriety, it is fleeting.

“Have fun while you’ve got it, but that doesn’t make you a better man. They fully understand that how you treat people is what’s important in this world. As long as that’s their mindset I’m a happy guy.”

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