Usain Bolt won't change "poop nappies".

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

The 34-year-old retired Olympic sprinter "made a deal" with partner Kasi Bennett - with whom he has 15-month-old daughter Olympia Lightning and three-month old twins Thunder and Saint Leo - before they had kids about their care needs and he admitted he's only comfortable with some elements of diaper duty.

He said: “I don’t change poop nappies; I’m a pee guy. Anytime they poop I’m, like, ‘Mum, here you go.’ I made that deal before she got pregnant. ‘Pee nappies, I’m the one; poo nappies, you’re the one.’ ”

The couple have also agreed not to have any more children.

Asked if he's planning for more, Usain told The Times newspaper: “No, we both agree that that’s it.”

Usain also confessed he wasn't keen to be at the birth of his children but Kasi urged him to support her.

He admitted: “I didn’t want to be there, but Kasi was, like, ‘Oh, please!’ My dad told me, ‘Whatever happens, do not look.’

"[Did I look?] No!”

The sportsman credits parenthood for helping him to calm down and take life more slowly.

He said: "[Parenthood] has made me much more patient. People always ask me why I couldn’t coach [athletics]. I was, like, ‘I’m not the patient type of guy.’ [Becoming a father has] really calmed me down and let me know how to live at a slower pace.”

Usain hopes at least one of his children follows in his footsteps and forges a career in athletics.

He said: “Yeah, definitely. I don’t care who.”

Meanwhile, after releasing his debut album, 'Country Yutes', Usain has set his sights for musical success high.

He said: "[I'm aiming for] the highest top of top — a Grammy. That would be a big thing. So that’s what we’re going to work towards.”

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