Victoria Beckham is haunted by the matching black leather outfits she wore with husband David Beckham in 1999.

The 48-year-old former Spice Girl made the admission on Monday’s (24.10.22) episode of Andy Cohen’s Bravo series ‘Watch What Happens’, while appearing alongside actress Anne Hathaway.

Victoria also revealed on the show there is no chance of a full Spice Girls reunion will happen.

In a segment looking back at Victoria and Anne’s old outfits called ‘So Posh or Oh Gosh’, Victoria was shown an image of the matching black leather pantsuits she and David, now 47, wore for their Millennium New Year's Eve Party in 1999.

Fashion designer Victoria said: “I still... I mean it haunts me. It does haunt me, but I love it.

“It was hot. We were wearing Gucci. It was a Versace dinner, which is inappropriate in itself.

“But, you know, we really considered those outfits. I mean we really talked about it. There was a naivete to it that was just so sweet... everybody pulls it out of the bag.”

When a viewer asked if a full reunion of the Spice Girls might happen, possibly at next year’s Glastonbury festival, Victoria said: “You know, I had so much fun being in the Spice Girls, but, you know, I think that now with everything else that I’ve got going on with my fashion and my beauty line, four children, you know, I just – I couldn’t commit to that.

“But I had so much fun in the Spice girls. I love the girls. I really, really enjoy singing Spice Girls when I’m doing karaoke, but I think I’d better leave it there.”

She also denied talking about the chance of appearing with the rest of group as a hologram – about which Anne said: “We’re scheming about how to get you onstage… we’re doing it for the children.”

Victoria also listed her top five Spice Girls songs as – from one to five – ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, ‘Too Much’, ‘Spice up Your Life’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.