Brigitte Nielsen has warned women that waiting to have a baby "can be very expensive".

Brigitte Nielsen has discussed her pregnancy experience

Brigitte Nielsen has discussed her pregnancy experience

The 60-year-old actress had her five-year-old daughter Frida after going through IVF treatment for 13 years - but Brigitte accepts that her decision might not be right for everybody.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the actress shared: "It's a very personal thing.

"Being on hormones, and all the testing, I don't think it's for everybody. And it can be very expensive.

"But if you have hope and you have that dream, I think you should go for it. You should just get as informed as you can, talk to people who have been down this road who can really help you and guide you."

Brigitte actually has four sons - Julian, Killian, Douglas and Raoul - from previous marriages, and she considers her most-recent pregnancy to have been her "easiest" one.

The movie star - who has been married to Mattia Dessì since 2006 - said: "When it happened, it was just amazing. And then it was just fear because I was such high risk. But it turned out to be the easiest pregnancy I'd ever had."

Despite this, Brigitte has urged would-be moms to "dream responsibly".

She explained: "If it's a dream of yours, you must be free to dream. But dream responsibly. My doctor told me that it most likely wouldn't happen."

Meanwhile, Brigitte has also offered some advice to women who want to be young moms.

The actress described motherhood as a "lifetime responsibility".

She said: "My advice there is, if you can wait, don't have a child when you're in your early twenties because it's too young.

"Travel, enjoy work. Put money aside, and get to know yourself better. Because a child, it's a lifetime responsibility, and it does change your freedom."

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