Prince Harry believes in reincarnation.

Prince Harry believes in reincarnation

Prince Harry believes in reincarnation

The 38-year-old prince - who has children Archie, three, and Lili, 20 months, with wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex - was quizzed on what he believes happens after death during a surprise appearance on 'The Late Show' and expressed his hope he'd one day return to earth as an elephant.

Asked what he believes happens when we die, Harry told host Stephen Colbert: "I think we become animals."

Agreeing that he meant reincarnation, Harry was then asked what he hoped to come back as and replied: "An elephant."

During the 'Colbert Questionert' segment, the Duke of Sussex was also asked to give five words he hoped would describe his future.

He replied: "Freedom, happiness, clarity, space love."

Harry declared Finley Quaye's 'Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day' to be the one song he could willingly listen to for the rest of his life, sweetly answered "my wife" when asked his favourite smell, and admitted he needs to get rid of some "ripped boxer shorts".

Asked to choose between apples and oranges, he pointed at his red hair and replied: "Oranges, duh."

Stephen quipped: "Something weirdly cannibalistic about that."

Harry teased: "You know if we bite you you get gingivitis… You secretly want to get bitten don’t you."

The 'Spare' writer confessed to a fear of snakes.

Asked the scariest animal, he said: "To me it is snakes, there were plenty of snakes [in Africa]

"I don't like sharks but at least they're contained to the ocean. Snakes can get anywhere."

While giving his answer to the "best sandwich", Harry admitted linguistic differences between the US and UK had caused "a little trouble" between him and Meghan.

He answered: "I'd say a cheese and ham toastie with dijon mustard on the top."

As he and Stephen then clarified what a toastie is, he admitted: "I have to be sort of careful with these questions because the Americanisms to the British-isms, it's very different.

"Got me and my wife into a little trouble at the beginning of our relationship."

The prince also confessed to drunkenly bothering the England rugby team for their autographs while the players were "naked".

Asked if he'd ever asked anyone for an autograph, he said: "The England rugby team in 2003 at the world cup final, after a few drinks, wearing an England rugby team. I was like ‘ Johnny, Johnny! Mike, Mike! Lawrence! Sign my top?’

"And they were all there, naked, with their willies hanging out but I got all 15 signatures and was very happy with that."