Kesha wants a "sugar daddy" after being "dumped for the first time" in her life.

Kesha is single after being 'dumped for the first time' in her life

Kesha is single after being 'dumped for the first time' in her life

The 36-year-old star is turning to the world of online dating following her breakup with an unnamed partner, and she has revealed her newly single status.

She wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "I just got dumped for the first time… in my LIFE… Can you believe it? We’re all f*****."

The 'Praying' hitmaker hasn't revealed the identity of her ex, but she did mention the breakup again in a new interview published on Wednesday (11.10.23) just hours before her tweet.

Asked to critique fans' dating app profiles, she told Cosmopolitan: "I have no idea why anyone's asking me.

"I just got dumped for the first time in my life. Can you f****** believe it? I was just making my profile as I was driving here!"

When it comes to what she's looking for, Kesha joked it might be "anti-feminist", but she wants to find a "sugar daddy".

She added: "I mostly want a sugar daddy. I just never had one. It sounds really fun. I know it's like anti-feminist of me, but I want one, so DM me."

She also rated the various dating apps around, revealing she has "never used" Tinder before.

She said: "Tinder, in fairness, never used it. It seems like it's where you go to, like, get laid. That's a get laid app.

"Hinge and Bumble seem on par, like there might be, like, some billionaires lurking in the shadows.

"But you have to kind of, like, weed through. Everybody's on Raya... I don't know. I don't f*** with Raya."

Back in May, Kesha was linked to movie producer Riccardo Maddalosso after they were spotted kissing in Angeles, but neither confirmed their romance.

The following month, Kesha did open up about being in a relationship, and joked her then-boyfriend had to stage a "face cream intervention" after she broke out in hives.

She told SELF: "The only thing I’ll say about my boyfriend is: Sometimes, he has to have a face cream intervention and take them away from me.

"He was like, 'What did you do?!' "

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