Will Ferrell used to "hate" his hair.

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

The 'House' actor was horrified when his locks got "curlier and curlier" when he was younger, and though he used to be desperate for it to "straighten out", he eventually embraced its natural state and was amazed when none of his classmates cared.

He said: "I had hair as a little, little kid very much like Amy [Poehler]'s -- kind of towhead blonde, straight.

"And it just got curlier and curlier. I would literally part it at night and try to sleep on it and say, 'Please straighten out, please straighten out.'

"And then it go so kinky that finally, the first day of seventh grade, brand-new school, I let it 'fro out, and I thought it looked so different. I thought people would be like,'Whisper whisper' and I felt so self-conscious. No one cared. I hated my hair, and now I've grown to like it."

Will's look in 'The House' was a big hit with his co-star Amy Poehler and she loved the fact she could pull it off without "toxic masculinity".

She told Vulture: "I loved that look. When Will was in that black shirt and black tie and the hair slicked back, looking, for lack of a better term, like a Tony Soprano-esque pit boss, I felt like it was a Sliding Doors version of him.

"Because he's a formidable physical opponent, right? A lot of actors, we can wear the same size jean jacket. There is a gravitas, and also because Will is such a wonderful, warm person, there was a real danger involved.

"And also just the bodyguard feel -- and what was so funny was, Will put on these women's sunglasses and smoked this Virginia Slim ...and there was just a hint of femininity. It wasn't toxic masculinity: There was a person who was comfortable enough to wear women's sunglasses."

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