Will Young is suing his former school.

Will Young suing former school

Will Young suing former school

The 44-year-old singer claims his boarding school was "abusive" and has surrounded by "monsters" and now Will is involved in a "big civil legal case" against the establishment.

He told the Daily Mail: "Singing has always been a little escape, since being at a very abusive boarding school, with whom I am now involved in a big civil legal case, with other people. That's ongoing.

"I think I can say I'm in legal proceedings concerning physical abuse, what the school knew about that and a particular person.

"I was surrounded by monsters. When it does go to court you'll know exactly what happened, but I can tell you what I saw, which was children being punched in the stomach, thrown down stairs, heads banged against radiators.

"My brother was lifted up by his throat and shoved against a bookcase in the library by a teacher. This place was not normal."

And, Will revealed he took refuge in his music to escape the horrors he experienced at the school.

He said: "Singing was a refuge for me. We weren't allowed music but I'd sneak in a Walkman and go into the woods and listen to music. It's always been very important to me. You've got it wherever you are. I can sing anywhere. Maybe I feel that singing is just for me."

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