Christina Aguilera believes women face "double standards" in the entertainment industry.

Christina Aguilera has bemoaned the double standards

Christina Aguilera has bemoaned the double standards

The 43-year-old singer feels she's been consistently "shamed" for expressing her sexuality and "trying to empower other women" during the course of her career.

Christina - who launched Playground, her sexual wellness brand, last year - told Adweek magazine: "This has been a very comfortable and natural space for me to enter because [sexuality] has been such a big part of my life, my world, my music.

"I’ve experienced first-hand the double standards [put on women]; and I’ve been shamed for being open, for expressing myself sexually and trying to own my body, and for trying to empower other women. People are afraid of that."

Christina - who has Summer, nine, with Matthew Rutler, and Max, 15, with Jordan Bratman - is very determined to instil good values in her children.

The blonde beauty explained: "I want [my daughter] to grow up not feeling any shame or stigma and feel comfortable as a woman.

"I want my son to understand and appreciate women’s struggles and what they go through, and to feel part of the conversation as well."

Christina previously admitted that she has open conversations with her children about sexual wellness.

The award-winning star isn't "scared or ashamed" of discussing such issues with her kids.

She told PEOPLE in 2023: "At this point in my life also as a mother, it's really important for me that I open up this conversation to my daughter and make sure that she feels empowered early on in her life to feel good about asking me any questions.

"Simplifying the information and just making it very matter of fact. This is not something that we should be scared or ashamed of."

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