Alison Hammond, Showbiz Reporter on ITV’s flagship daytime programme, This Morning, poses on the show’s brand new sofa that has been designed by DFS i

Alison Hammond, Showbiz Reporter on ITV’s flagship daytime programme, This Morning, poses on the show’s brand new sofa that has been designed by DFS i


We spoke to Alison Hammond, showbiz reporter for This Morning, about celebrities, her love of Miranda and embarrasing moments. She also tells us about This Mornings new handmade sofa from DFS. The sofa made it’s on screen debut this week and will feature on the programme throughout 2013.

Who has been your favourite celebrity to interview and why?

Actually, he was just on This Morning today, its Hugh Jackman. He’s the one I have interviewed the most, and I soon as I come through the door he just gets excited, so that makes me excited and I no it’s going to be a good interview.

Who has been your least favourite celebrity to interview?

If I’m honest I haven’t got a least favourite and I know that’s a bit corny but whenever I do my interviews its always promoting something, so I’m not going to come across anyone horrible, they will probably be horrible in private and not in front of me.

Are there any celebrities you would like to interview, but haven’t had the chance to?

Yes, I would love to interview Opera Winfrey. She is one of my idols, I love her, but I don’t think she does interviews. I recon we would have really good banter, and go out for a drink, and have a good time.

Have you ever had any embarrassing moments when interviewing someone?

I’m always having embarrassing moments. Most of my interviews are quiet embarrassing. When I watch them back I think why did I do that, but to be honest I get caught in the moment. When I’m singing and dancing, in the moment I do actually love it, but when I watch it back I start cringing and think why did I do that, what was the point?

Who do you think is going to be a big star in 2013?

Rita Ora. I think she’s amazing, she’s not really a film star she’s a singer, but I really, really like her. I also like Miranda, I hope she does a fourth series of her show, I love her and, she’s hilarious.

Who is your favourite showbiz couple?

Will and Kate are quiet a cool couple. In fact we are doing some stuff on Prince Charles at the moment, with the charity that we are doing. It’s You Can Be Heroes week, it’s all about volunteering and Philip and Holly have done a massive interview with him.

With Celebrity Big Brother back on our screens, what do you think of this year’s line up?

To be honest, I haven’t been watching it. I saw a little bit of it last night and I am voting for Patricia Penrose. I always have a little bit of a soft spot for Big Brother because I am from it and that’s what launched me into the career I have got today. Although I haven’t been watching it, I still support it. I’m not watching it because I don’t want to watch it, it’s because I can’t find the time.

Would you ever follow in the footsteps of other showbiz reporters such as Richard Arnold and go on Strictly Come Dancing?

That’s my dream! It is absolutely my dream to be on Strictly Come Dancing. Since watching Lisa Riley, she has just opened it up to big girls, which I thought was amazing.

What has been your favourite TV show of the last twelve months?

Miranda without a doubt, I absolutely love it! I am addicted to it, I think it’s brilliant. I am also a massive fan of all the twilight films, so I am gutted that has come to an end. If I am honest I’m more into my music at the moment, I love a bit of Ed Sheeran, rather than watching too much TV. It’s weird really because I work on TV but don’t watch that much of it.

And finally, This Morning has got a new sofa made by DFS, what do you think of it?

I think it’s absolutely amazing!  It’s very similar to me in the sense that it’s quiet big, robust, keeps going on and on, loveable, bright and very beautiful. It has been specially made for the show and it looks really, really cool. I am actually thinking that I might get one for my house in red because I am a bit bored of my cream one.

DFS, the nation’s leading sofa manufacturer and retailer, has given the set This Morning a sofa makeover. The DFS in-house design team created a bespoke disgn for the popular daytime programme, which was then handmade by DFS’ expert craftsmen and women here in the UK. The sofa made it’s on screen debut this week and will feature on the show throughout 2013. Check out DFS’ huge range of handmade sofas at

By Emily Brockwell

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