Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

What sort of boyfriend are you?

I’m quite needy! I was an only child so got a lot of attention from my mum. I think that is naturally going to transfer onto any poor woman who’s in my life. I actually think that dating can be a struggle, as I do demand a lot of fuss made of me! However, if you were my partner, you’d get a lot of attention back.

I'm quite needy. I demand a lot of fuss made of me. I'm very aware of being a 'Skype father'

What’s the biggest gesture you’ve made for love?

This is going to sound boring, but I’m prepared to go to any sort of counselling or therapy in order to keep my feet on the ground and clean up my act to be in a relationship. I’ll do anything to be both a better boyfriend and a better father. Hmm. That sounds really worthy, doesn’t it? But it’s what I believe I have to do.

We like it. Is working away hard when you’re in a relationship?

I like to go no longer than three weeks without seeing my loved ones, but it does take some juggling. My fiancée is an actress too, so quite often she goes to one side of the globe while I go to the other. My little boy lives mostly with his mum, and I see him when I can. I’m very much aware of being a ‘Skype father’, which is sad. But, I have to have the finances to make sure he’ll be secure, and I can only do that by working.

What’s Louis up to?

He plays rugby. He’s rubbish at it but he’s really full of heart! He’s a beautiful boy. But I would think that, wouldn’t I?!

Of course. Lately then, what’s the perfect date night to you?

Staying home and watching a movie. Does that sound boring? Well, boring is reliable, and if it means being useful, practical and caring, then I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it at all.

The full interview is in the August edition of Company Magazine on sale 9th July

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