Brad Kavanagh

Brad Kavanagh

Brad Kavanagh is being hailed as the British Zac Efron. The 15 year old started out on the west end stage at the tender age of 11 and now he's admired by kids all over the UK as the star of Disney's As the Bell Rings.

Brad is the presenter of Disney's new talent search competition alongside fellow child star Samantha Dorrance. Female First caught up with Brad to get the lowdown on My School Musical and find out how he feels about becoming a teenage pin up...........

What is My School Musical all about?

My School Musical is a great new talent competition that's really unique from any others because it has three different categories which are singing, dancing and perfomance so it literally gives anyone with any talent a chance to come forward and shine really.

How is it going? Have you had many good entries?

I finished filming the first five episodes last week with the co-presenter Samantha Dorrance and we've had a real good time


We've had over 300 entries already and it's only been going a week. They are all really good so we're pretty impressed.

You were in Billy Elliot: The Musical when you were 11, what was it like being in a big show so young?

It was really really good fun. I mean it was hard work because I had to come to London to do the show and rehearse and stuff but it was so much fun.

How did you balance school work with performing work?

I mean it was alright because I'm always just going to be normal Brad and I just took everything as it came really. I did any school work I missed as homework and I've just always worked hard and done my best.

What advice would you give to young people looking to break into the entertainment industry?

I'd probably say they just have to go for it because the sky's the limit and as long as they enjoy what they do and they can get somewhere with it then they should just show it off.

Do you feel like you've missed out on anything by being famous so young?

I've never really thought of myself as famous really but I'm always just still me. The Disney Channel has been so good to me with My School Musical and all that. And I'm due to shoot another music video in March. Whenever I go home I'm always hanging out with friends and my family and friends have always supported me so I don't feel like I've missed out on anything really.

You have been hailed as the next Zac Efron, how does that feel?

That's really really weird like! WOW! The next Zac Efron. It makes me feel kinda nervous really (laughs) thinking of myself as a pin up? But Zac Efron is amazing. He's done so much and he's a great singer, great actor, great dancer and to think that someday I might be like someone like him is amazing.

What are your ambitions for the future?

Well I've always really wanted to pursue a music career but I'll always stick with Disney because they have been so good to me and As the Bell Rings and My School Musical has given me so much but I'd love to have an album out with my own material. That would be so cool.

Caz Moss- Female First

My School Musical entries can be submitted via The final for the “Performance” category will be on 28th March, the “Singing” category on 4th April, and the “Dancing” category on the 11th April (at 4.50pm and repeated at 5.20pm). Viewers will have one week to vote for the final winner in each category. The overall winner in each category will be announced in a grand final.

From Friday 15th February Brad and Samantha will present a special My School Musical Friday weekly show which will be broadcast on Disney Channel at 5.55pm, showcasing a variety of entries from the three different categories.

Check out Brad in action below: