Viola - Just Chillin'

Viola - Just Chillin'

Britain’s Next Top Model waved goodbye to Viola last night just after she had settled into the new model house in Argentina.

After the girls shot a TV advert and posed on the salt plains, it was Viola’s personality that saw her get the boot from the show, despite the constantly gorgeous pictures that she produced… I caught up with the stunner to find out how she was coping with life in the ‘real world’

Hey Viola, how’s it going?

Hey, I’m great thanks how are you?

I’m good, anyway,  congratulations on getting as far as you did, what have you been up to since you left the show?

I’ve been asked by some agencies to sign with them and I’m doing some castings for them at the moment.

Ooh, what’s exciting, you got to travel to Argentina, did you have fun there?

Yeah, I loved it, it was amazing. It was really hot and it was great to get out of this environment and go there!

Did you get a dead nice tan?

Yes! We had a pool in our garden!

Noooo! That’s not fair, I want a pool… we saw you filming a tv commercial on last night’s show, you struggled a bit to be honest… what did you find hard?

I know, it was really hard. There are certain things that just don’t go well and I guess that was one of them for me.

You also did some shots on the salt plains where you looked super foxy… how was that?

It was exciting and really good and the whole place was beautiful and the set was so good. I just felt so good and I wanted to get a great shot.

You got the best one because you got to go in the water. But what was the hardest part of the show for you?

It was stressful and I think it would be the bitchiness that I found hardest. I had seen the show and signed up for it though and I knew that happened so I can’t complain.

True, and what was the best part?

Definitely Argentina. I think meeting Abbey Clancy too, she was really nice.

Who did you find you got on with best?

I really loved Jade and I wonder why they never showed me and her together and they just made me look like I was all alone on the show. I also liked Chloe and sometimes I got on really well with Ashley and we had fun, but sometimes we had arguments yes.

Aww, that’s a relief, and who would you like to see win the show now?

Maybe Jade or Misha. They were all really good really.

We like Jade, she’s one of my favourites, now who you think should have gone in your place?

In don’t think you should ever say that someone should go in place of someone else. I never know who should go because they are all so good and it just depends how people see you.

I think all the four girls who are left all have what it takes to be a model, maybe I had a tough week that week but I couldn’t say who else should have gone instead of me.

So what else are you getting up to this year?

I’m going to Hungary for a month just to have a rest and catch up with people because they know I was a mess and they are so proud of me and I will also try to get some more modelling work too.

Well good luck Viola, good luck with everything.

Thank you so much

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