James Blunt

James Blunt

It was way back in 2005 when James Blunt stormed into the charts with his debut album 'Back to Bedlam'. Since then he's sold over 11 million copies and topped the charts worldwide but still people cringe when they hear his name. Female First caught up with James to find out whether the most hated man in pop title he's been given is really justified.........

You're debut single 'You're Beautiful' was a huge success and was number one in the UK, US, Canada and throughout Europe yet it seems to have gotten a reputation for being a bit irritating. Do you regret releasing it now?No no of course not it was a great advert for an album and you know it just got played a lot. Presumably you've experienced putting a song on and over-playing it yourself haven't you? But who's fault is that then? The singers? Or yours for over-playing it?So would say radio stations are partly to blame for your criticism because they played the song too much?I think it's really easy to talk about the negative sides and I think that's what media does far too much and it's a song that got played a lot. But it was really popular. It was number one in loads of countries. No one ever wants to talk about that instead they would rather talk about the few people who said they heard it too much. It's much harder to talk about he positives and I think instead one should be saying how incredible it was and what it did for the album. Would I change that? Absolutely not and I'm sure if you were in my position you wouldn't either.You've been really successful worldwide and have cracked America and Japan. Does it annoy you that it's the British people that are so keen to criticise you?Well at a guess how many negative comments do you think you've heard? It's s easy to talk about the negatives but over 3 million people bought the album so that's 3 million positives to like 50 negatives. One should be saying why are we reporting on the 50 negatives when there are 3 million positives. But I was really lucky and the album did really well so we should be talking about the positives.What kind of reception have you received in the rest of the world?

All around the world it's been amazing. To play in places where they don't even speak my language and still relate to the songs that really phenomenal and it's been a great experience. Out there we get back to the basics of going on tour and getting out there and playing live with a band and connect with an audience who sing the words back to us. It's been a phenomenal experience and a journey.

Your second album All the Lost Souls was released in Septeber and has already sold over 3.5 million copies how is it different from the first?

All the Lost Souls is a bit more musically accomplished than the first album and with a bit of experience and confidence I've gained a long the way. I guess it's a bit deeper and richer. In not only the song writing but in the recording as well. So yes it's an album I'm very proud of and I really enjoy listening to it and I really enjoyed making it.

Your new single Carry You Home was released this week. What's that like?

Carry You Home is the new single and it's a pretty sad story of someone at their darkest ebb, at rock bottom as it would be called, and the about the isolation that one feels at that moment. But this song is trying to share in that and spread the load.

You were an officer in the Life Guards unit of the British Army, and served as a member of the NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo. Would you say your army career has influenced your song writing?

Definitely. I say the past makes up your present and you can't avoid that. So yes there were some positives I got from that time as well as some sad memories too.

What do you think about Prince Harry fighting in Afghanistan? How would you feel about fighting alongside him knowing he could be a target?

There is a lot of media focus on the situation but the people who are actually out there don't see it like that. They just see him as a regular soldier. I just would have seen him as a regular soldier too.

According to recent reports you are on the hunt for a future wife. Is this true?

Is that what it says? Really? Well I think everyone is looking to find someone aren't they? Presumably you are looking to settle down too...it's not news. It's not something I'm just doing today. I'm definitely not phoning people round and asking them anyway. I'm just living an ordinary life. It's a really silly story isn't it? I can't believe people spend money on this. There's also global warming and climate change going on.

So what are your thoughts on global warming?

I think it's probably much more important than my thoughts on marriage.

Finally, you appeared on Sesame Street in the US. How did that come about?

I got the phone call from Elmo and he said 'do you want to come down and hang out?' and I did. It was a very special opportunity and not many people get asked and it was amazing. Great fun!

Check out James on Sesame Street below:

James’ new single ‘Carry You Home’ is out now and you can find out more at www.jamesblunt.com

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