Joey Essex loves the smell of strawberries

Joey Essex loves the smell of strawberries

Tell us about the summer fragrance that you’re working on with Surf.

When I went back to Marbella this summer I was tweeting about how much I love summer smells, then Surf contacted me about creating the perfect summer scent. I went to a laboratory and I chose the scents that I wanted to be involved. Things like coconuts, flowers, melon – all sorts of summery smells and created a new detergent called Summer D’Reem.

What are you favourite smells of summer then?

The ones that I thought were right for the detergent are melons, coconuts, lychees, flowers. I do like other smells; I just didn’t think they were right for this product.

What is your favourite smell? Is a perfume, food, or something else?

I like the smell of strawberries.

What else have you got planned for summer?

I’m going to Ibiza with all of my mates.

You’re known for your interesting fashion choices, what are your fashion must-haves for summer?

A man bag, short shorts and a plain, white t-shirt.

Where do you get your fashion ideas from?

My brain.

So, you don’t look to any magazines or anything like that for inspiration?

No, I don’t look in magazines. I just get them from my own head.

Have you got any fashion icons?

Not really. I’m sort of a mix between Danny Suko, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber – them sort of people.

Where about do you like to shop?

Some vintage shops, some high fashion shops. I don’t really like things with big signs on them. I like stuff that’s cool, but it’s not obvious what they are or where they’re from.

You’re obviously very interested in grooming and taking care of yourself. What sort of products do you use?

At the moment I’m using my own hair products, which is really good. I’ve got a new range of products coming out in September. 

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Surf and Joey Essex have bottled the fragrance of summer holidays with limited edition Surf Summer D’reem leaving your clothes with a summer freshness that lasts and lasts. For more information and to be the first to try the product register at

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