She burst onto the music scene with her single Foundations in 2007 after studying at the infamous BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in South London. Currently on the festival circuit Kate talked exclusively to Time Out magazine about knitting as her new hobby and her ice cream parlour dreams.

On her boyfriend Ryan Jarman, frontman with Yorkshire scuzz-popsters The Cribs:

‘We started hanging out when Ryan came to my birthday party in Harrow last summer,’ she says. ‘If you fancy someone I think you should throw them in the deep end straight away. So I sent my mum to pick him up at the station.’

On her new favourite hobby, knitting:

‘It’s great ’cos I can do all my Christmas presents now,’ she says. ‘I made Ryan a mutant scarf to wear in the tour van and now I’m knitting one for Beyonce. I really want to be friends with her and I think it’ll be a good way to break the ice. 'Imagine if I see her snapped in OK magazine wearing my scarf! I can’t do letters yet so I might just have to write ‘BEYONCE’ on afterwards in a big Sharpie.’

On what she would do if her music career folded:

‘I would open my own ice cream parlour in London, where I would put on little nights and serve up ‘proper’ knickerbockers glories with luminous green sauce while wearing a cute checked apron.’

On her arts grant:

Nash has also started work on setting up her own arts grant, offering financial help to struggling artists, which she hopes to have in place by the end of the summer. ‘I always come across people who I think have loads of potential, whether it’s screenwriting or photography or whatever,’ she says.

‘The BRIT school proved to me how important art is it’s actually the sort of thing that helps get people off the streets. I don’t want to bum around and try to get more famous at fashion parties, I want to be productive and put my money into something good.’

On family holidays:

‘When I was 16 men tried to buy me with camels when my family went to Morocco. They’re well tight with their camels there. One guy offered nine camels and I was like, shut up, how about 29? What is my mum going to do with camels, anyway?’

On her performance at Get Loaded in the Park this August:

‘I’ve got this amazing stage set being designed It’s underwater-themed because ‘Octopus’s Garden’ is, like, my favourite song, with a big seahorse and lots of coral, and the piano will be in a big oyster shell with a shipwreck in the background. Does that sound a bit much?’

The full article will appear in Time Out magazine, out Wednesday 9th July 2008, priced £2.99

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