Keith Lemon With Kelly Brook In The Film

Keith Lemon With Kelly Brook In The Film

Keith Lemon has become one of Britians most loved comedic performers on TV as the host of the irreverent and cheeky panel show Celebrity Juice.

Now his moved to the world of movies, with this week seeing the release of his cinematic debut Keith Lemon: The Film on DVD and Blu Ray. To commemorate the occasion, we got some time with Leed’s favourite businessman turned TV host to talk about the movie, Kelly Brook and Celebrity Juice.


How’s it all going today Keith?

I’m good! I’ve got a new furry coat, which seems really fitting for this weather. It feels like I’m the dark version of someone who might have been in S Club 7. I’m sure in their Christmas video at least one of them has a furry coat on. I feel like a rebellious S Club member. We didn’t know them back then like we do now.... It’s a real shame what happened to them eh? I wish them all good Christmases. Peace and good will to all men and such.

Keith Lemon: The Film’s coming to Blu Ray, what little extras can we expect?

Well, there’s a very insightful making of, where you get to see, well, how me made it. The director and myself have recorded a commentary, there’s an alternative ending, bloopers, there’s plenty of them! This is actually better than the one at the cinema though. Because a lady was putting her breasts in my face and they touched my skin, and it would have been an 18 there, so they had to pixelate the breasts. But here, they’re unpixelated. They’re not allowed to touch skin unless it’s an 18.

Now you’re a full blown movie star, are you going to be the lead in the new Star Wars film?

Well, I’m not that full blown, I’ve only done one. I don’t care if I was just in the background and just said “Here, can you pass me that lightsaber over there please.” I’m a big Star Wars fan and I’d like to do other films. The first two weeks I was a bit bored because it takes ages, but after that I felt right passionate about it. I love doing it and I’d love to do more.

How did you find the change from TV to film?

Well, TV’s different because it’s instant. You do it and it’s gone. Film takes ages and ages. I don’t know, you’re leaving a legacy. It’s really nice to be able to say ‘I made a film’. I came from nowt me and to have all my mates at the premiere was amazing. I was right chuffed!

How many Oscars do you expect to pick up?

None! Celebrity Juice is up for a comedy award though. Any awards are a good felling y’know. I can’t believe that this is my job! I’m a professional mess abouter. I just mess about and get paid, and people seem to enjoy it, so I’m having a whale of a time. It’s fantastic.

What was like going back to Celebrity Juice?

It were right nice. I tell you what was nice as well, the day Holly and Fearne turned up on set. I was missing home really, because we were filming in Belfast and it were great to see Holly and Fearne. It felt like a little bit of home had come to the set. It was great to get back on to Celebrity Juice and we’ve all said we’ll keep doing it until we’re old. Holly always describes it as a night out, which is a lovely way to describe your job isn’t it? I really like that and I feel the same. We’re all really good friends, like brothers and sisters. I love it.

You’ve had so many celebs on the show, have any of them been a real hassle?

Not really a hassle, but Katie Price is a bit quiet. I think she just walls up and is afraid of looking silly so she just goes quiet. That’s not what you want from a guest, you want them to get involved and I always think the best Juice is when we get to see someone say or do something we usually don’t see them do. Like when you get Ant and Dec or Philip Schofield, who are household names who are quite straight on telly and you get them on Juice, I don’t know, feeling a naked ladies body, that’s when we get the stuff that we’re after. They’re great guests, those type of people.

How do you go about getting that sort of unique action then?

Well, it is weird; I do pride meself on breaking people down if they’re not up for something. I remember we had Pamela Anderson on and they were going on saying ‘She won’t do this, she won’t do this’ and I just went ‘Leave it to me. If she won’t do it, then I’m not doing my job properly’. By the end of it all, she was giving me a lap dance! It never comes from a bad place, there’s no malice on Juice. We don’t think there’s any harm, we just want people to enjoy themselves. That’s when we get the funniest stuff.

You have fun, so they audience has fun.

Totally. That’s maybe the secret to success, people want to see us enjoying ourselves I think. That was right serious wasn’t it? We’re getting all deep now!

Your calendar’s currently sixth in the Amazon charts, way above Kelly Brook’s. How does that make you feel?

I didn’t know that! Well, obviously I know me physique and a lot of that calendar’s done in jest. I hope people get that, but there maybe are a few people out there who are aroused by what they see on the calendar instead of just laughing at it. That’s a good little ego massage if I’m honest. But above Kelly Brook, that’s insane! She’s the calendar queen! I like the idea of Kelly being on top of me! In the charts on I mean! I just like being next to her to be honest, she’s a lovely woman. Me books done alright too, that’s supposedly number seven in the Times bestseller list, so I’ve had an incredible year. You don’t know know long with is gonna last, so I’m  just enjoying myself at the moment.

So what’s the plan for you for next year?

Well, we’ll continue doing Juice until we’re old people. Even if people don’t like it, we’ll still meet up in a bathroom or the back garden and do Juice. Them I’ve got Living A Liva Lemon, my reality programme and a couple of other projects I’m not allowed to talk about yet. ARGH! I just got a shooting pain up me a***. Not a really bad one, but a little bubble pain.

We’ve had the Lemon Phone and the Securipole, what’s your next invention?

I not really gonna invent much I think. Unless I come up with a wicked idea for a new app. I’ve still got me app Mouthboard out, but I’m just enjoying my telly work right now. Focussing on being the best telly presenter  I can possibly be. And if I get that part in the cantina bar in Star Wars, that would be amazing too.

Did you ever think back in the day that you’d become loved by millions and a comedy icon?

No way! That’s why I did the book ‘How I Got Here’. I can’t say how many people have asked me at book signings ‘Eh Kieth, what’s the message?’. It’s written on the front! I can remember coming home from the NTA’s and being in the same category as Ant and Dec and I just thought ‘How did this happen?’. So I just tried to backtrack and it’s just crazy. I’m enjoying it, but when I stop or when people stop enjoying me, I’ll have to think of something else. Right now, I’m having a great time.


Keith Lemon The Film is out now on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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