Mel plans to upkeep her Mother's Day tradition this year

Mel plans to upkeep her Mother's Day tradition this year

Tell us about this P&G campaign that you're working on at the moment.

It's a great campain, called 'Thank you Mum', and we all need to do this more. You can log on and there you can either upload a video message, a picture or a text message saying thank you to your mum and that gives you the opportunity to win some tickets to the Olympics.

Why did you decide to get involved with this?

Well, because it involves two of my favourite things. One of them is mums, my mum ofcourse and being a mum and the other one is sport and the Olympics. It just seems like a great way to get a really good gift for your mum. They're giving away 50 sets of four tickets, and they've got great tickets. They've got some for the opening ceremony, some for the closing ceremony, even some for the 100m final, so you're in with the chance of getting some great tickets there.

Have you managed to get any tickets for the Olympics?

I have got some tickets. I'm going to see the gymnastics. I'm so excited, because when I was younger I always remember every four years watching the Olympics on the tele and to have them this year in our capital city, it's a once in a lifetime because it probably won't happen again. I'm just so excited. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a gymnast, that was my number one ambition and now I'm going to go along and actually see them in the flesh.

Like you said, you're a mum now yourself, how has this changed your relationship with your mum?

Me and my mum have always had a great relationship, but since I became a mum I just have so much more of an understanding of the sacrifices she made and how scary it can be sometimes, such as when you're a new mum and you're just finding your feet. I just appreciate her so much more.

How are you celebrating Mother's Day this year?

We're going for lunch, this is a little tradition that we started a few years ago and now it's really lovely because we have Scarlett as well. (Melaine's daughter) It will be the three of us, so go for lunch, then a nice walk and just enjoy each others company.

You were recently performing in Dublin, how did that go?

I had such a nice time. I finished my UK tour last night in Brighton but before that I done Belfast and Dublin. I played Liverpool last year and we started in Manchester a few weeks ago, so it was really nice to get to a few places that I've not been to in a while.

Have you got any more performances planned coming up soon?

I'm hoping to do some more shows through the summer, and I'm doing the Isle of Wight festival this year.

What's next for you in terms of music?

I've continued making music for a long time and this album I released around September time last year and it still feels quite new and fresh. So, hopefully there will be a lot more opportunities to play that album live. Then I'm just working on new music as well and seeing what happens because you never know what's around the corner do you.

You've also got your independent record compan - Red Girl Records - what's going on with that?

We released the album last year, we've just released a live DVD from the tour that we've been doing and other than that it's jsut an opportunity for me to self-finance and have complete freedom creatively in doing my own work and not having to answer to major labels.

How are you finding juggling being a parent and working?

It's really hard and I think it's something that all mums can identify with, no matter where you're from in the country or whether you work or are a stay-at-home mum because it's just such a difficult job and we just expect so much of ourselves these days. Doing this campaign with P&G, they've done some research as well and the UK mums feel the most guilty in Europe and I think that's because we're being pulled in so many different directions, trying to look after your children, family and working.

You received rave reviews for your role in Blood Brothers in the theatre. Would you like to do something like that again?

I would love to work in the theatre again. I've had a really fantastic time with this record because I kind of missed that when I was in the theatre. It was a great experience but I did miss being myself on stage and singing my own songs. Just see what the future hold really, I'd love to do more theatre, I'd love to do some TV acting and more music.

Have you got a dream role that you'd like to play?

To be honest with you, because Mrs Johnston is such a great role I think it's hard to top that. I think that the theatre world is so healthy at the moment, there are so many shows coming out so there are so many opportunities all of the time.

Have you got anything else coming up that we haven't alreay talked about?

I think the only other thing is the Spice Girls musical, which will hopefully be opening before the end of the year. And that's something that we're all very excited about. We've got our fingers crossed that everyone's going to love that as well. It's called Viva Forever, and is being produced by Judy Craymer, who also produced Mamma Mia! and Jennifer Saunders is telling the story. It's the Spice Girls music and a new story inspired by the songs.

Melanie C is working with P&G to encourage you to say, ‘Thank you, Mum’ to win family tickets to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. To enter, visit

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