The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette

The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette

Having a clean bathroom is high on the list of priorities for many. But for some it is not and help is needed. But do not worry it is on hand in the form of Nancy Dell'Olio and Domestos.

Nancy Dell'Olio, queen of domestic etiquette, is saving the nation from dirty bathrooms and reputation-wrecking gossip. Read her 'Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette', supported by Domestos Total Toilet System and the Royal Society for Public Health, at

- How did you become involved with the "The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette."

I was delighted when Domestos approached me to ask whether I would like to support the campaign and create The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette.

Being an etiquette advisor I am enjoying helping 'save the nation' from dirty bathrooms and reputation-wrecking gossip! I have come across a few bathrooms in my time and know what makes for a pristine toilet.

- As you are involved with this campaign I am sure your bathroom etiquette is brilliant. But for many people they have jobs, kids and husbands/wives to look after. How do you find time to improve your bathroom etiquette?

I am lucky enough to have someone to help me with my household jobs and cleaning, but it's still important that I ask them to use the Domestos Total Toilet System, and show them which jobs need doing in the bathroom.

Even if you are really busy, I think bathroom and toilet etiquette is one of the most important jobs to do. It's important to keep your bathroom clean for cleanliness and hygiene.

Don't forget - your bathroom is the one room that guests can lock themselves in and have a snoop around.

- For anyone out there with bad bathroom etiquette, how would you tell them that their standards need to improve and what tips would you give them?

I would tell them to consult The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide at created by me and Domestos.

The guide is a tongue in cheek but informative way to ensure we're all on top of our bathroom etiquette. In the guide I include tips for those with poor bathroom etiquette. Firstly, the toilet should be as clean as a whistle and you should make sure your guests never go empty handed by having at least one spare toilet roll!

There should also be no unwanted odours polluting your toilet, and of course you should use the best products to ensure you have a lavatory to be proud of.

- It says that yourself and "Domestos reveal a clean toliet protects your family but also your reputation and your love life!" How important is a clean toilet in a relationship?

Very important! I agree with the 17 million (86%) of women from the research conducted by Domestos who say that they wouldn't date a man with a dirty toilet.

It's sad to see that 8% of women agree their cleaning efforts in the bathroom are unfairly criticised by their partner - this is something that should never be taken for granted in a relationship.

How important is it to you and your family's health to maintain a clean bathroom?

It's essential in the home, but especially in the bathroom because this is the room which harbours the most germs.

People should use the Domestos Total Toilet System to protect their families - it has even been endorsed by the Royal Society for Public Health, and Domestos Extended Germ-Kill is the longest protecting bleach on the market.

- According to a survey done by Domestos, one quarter of women would remember a dirty toilet over food, ambience and jokes. Would this be the case for you?

Yes, absolutely. Clean toilets mean a cleaner reputation. If you have an unclean toilet, you run the risk of people gossiping, but by keeping a clean toilet you're lessening the chances of scurrilous gossip.

Anyone with a dirty toilet should consult The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette immediately!

- Have you ever been to a dinner party and the toilet has been unclean? If so, how did you react?

No, I have been fortunate up to now - I must have clean friends! If I did encounter this, I wouldn't make any comments whilst I was a guest at the person's house, but I agree with the 54% of women who would judge a friend on the state of their toilet. I think it would definitely change my views about the person.

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