Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

The X Factor returns to the UK TV screens this month and with its return the show has recruited a new judge, none other than Nicole Scherzinger.

In an exclusive Nicole talks about why she’s ready for X Factor and how she’s in the happiest place of her life. she states:

"X Factor UK has a special place in my heart. The thing I battled with last year [on X Factor USA] was the rejection part, having to let contestants go. But I’ve grown so much since then. I’ll make sure I continue to give 110% of me but not wear my heart on my sleeve as much."

And she won’t let female rivalry get in the way of it...

"Women should empower each other - I felt close to Paula when I did X Factor in the US as well, and it’s great to work with Tulisa she’s a cool chick. We’re all on the same team together; she’s really fun. I love her a lot."

After the first series of X Factor US it was announced Nicole wouldn’t return for another, opening up about the experience she said:

I’m probably in one of the best places of my life. Life gets easier the more you’ve been through

"People didn’t see I committed six days a week and put everything to one side to help those contestants. You only have one person to answer to at the end of the night, and if you’re happy with yourself that’s all that matters. It’s hard when you feel the pressure. Sometimes people lose their identity in this industry. But I refuse to waver from who I am."

Nicole, who is in a relationship with Lewis Hamilton, also talked about love:

"You have to love yourself first before you can expect it from someone else. And trust and communication are key … Me and Lewis are from similar upbringings, so we share a similar outlook. We’re kindred spirits and hearts - that’s what ultimately connects us."

"Ultimately, you want to be with someone you can be yourself around. My grandma taught me the person you want to be with isn’t going to be Prince Charming - it’s going to be the person you’re going to be able to work on a relationship with. It’s always a work in progress, like everything."

Speaking from her own perspective, Nicole reveals she’s definitely the nurturing type, but she’s also her own woman:

"I definitely have that tradition in me where I want to take care of my guy. I saw how much my mum enjoyed taking care of her family and I have that nurturing gene. But you need balance. I work hard and I’m an independent woman. It’s important to be in control."

It’s this self-respect and drive that’s created her strong work ethic over the years:

"It’s in my blood to work hard. I could always be better - I’m insatiable in that way. It feels good to keep climbing."

Currently recording an album between filming for X Factor Nicole said that despite being at her busiest, she’s also her happiest:

"I’m probably in one of the best places of my life. Life gets easier the more you’ve been through. I wasn’t able to always enjoy things because I worked too hard. Now I’m able to enjoy life, it’s awesome. And I have so many things I still want to accomplish. I always say, ‘I’m just getting started!’"

The full interview appears in the September issue of British Cosmopolitan, on sale 9th August.

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