Zoe Ball in Wallpaper Dress

Zoe Ball in Wallpaper Dress

Ex-ladette and Strictly Come Dancing Starlet, Zoe Ball is encouraging the country to Brighten up their homes this winter, with B&Q's Brighten Up Britain campaign. We chatted to Zoe about her love for Norris from Corrie, why she thinks Phil Daniels is sexy and why her DIY skills are up to scratch.

So what have you been up to recently?
I've been taking the whole summer off, just being a mum really. I worked quite a lot last year, so I wanted to take some time off and enjoy some family time. We ended up having a few holidays abroad, with the weather being so awful, and that really helped us to relax; we've been having a great time!
You're backing B&Q's Brighten up Britain, what made you want to get involved with this project?
Well, with the weather being really pants, I really wanted to brighten up my house. It was all greys and browns, and when the sun did come out, it looked really dark. So I popped to B&Q and got handy!
Are you planning to try any of the style makeovers yourself?
Well, I got some wallpaper and soft furnishings and its really made a difference actually, and I've gone a bit pink crazy! Pink walls everywhere and because Norman is colour blind, he can't see the pink. I just think it's really great that you can get these make-overs for your home for under £25.

Are you a bit of a DIY fanatic?

Well, there are things I can and cannot do! We do have a decorator that comes in and advises us and I do some arty things. Norman's not very good with practical things, he can't even change a light bulb for god's sake!

Did you enjoy presenting Soapstar Superstar and do you think there will be another series?

I loved doing it! I'm so sad there won't be another series. My favourite was Mark from Home and Away. It was really quite exciting getting to meet all the soap stars. I'm not that fussed about most of the soaps, but I love Corrie and my Nan loves it too. Norris is hilarious, in fact Norman even wanted to name our cat Norris!

You also presented Grease is the Word last year, are you a bit of a fan of musicals?

Oh god yes, I really enjoyed presenting it and musicals are so much fun. I loved that BBC programme with Denise Van Outen, 'I'd do anything' Anything like that, I get hooked on really easily.

Will you be watching Strictly Come Dancing this year?

Oh Yes, the whole Cook household will be watching. I've already got my space on the sofa reserved, and we'll all be voting for Ian again; everyone loves Ian!

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I'm really looking forward to Phil Daniels! He's really funny and quite sexy. And I love Brendan, I think he'll do really well this year, after he went out so early in the last series. I also think Christine from 'The One Show' will be a good one to watch too. But My heart will always lie with Ian, he has to win! I was on the phone to him the other day and he said he's actually got a partner who is taller than him this year, can you imagine?! Him and Jodie Kidd will be towering over on the dance floor!

Any more plans to take part in a Christmas special?

No, I think they only ask for people who have been in recent series' now. Mine was nearly 3 years ago, so we were really lucky to be asked back for the Christmas special last year. We did do the tour, which was really good with Matt and Flavia and me. Oh and Letitia did it and Darren. We were on the road for like 8 weeks together and it was sooo much fun!

Did all the dancing make you really fit?

Well, actually no. We all put on weight! You know we'd all go out drinking after the show and then go back to Darren and Lilia's room for bacon butties at like 4am!

Saturday Morning Kids TV is really lacking at the moment, would you ever consider going back and presenting Live and Kicking?

Aww, Live and Kicking were the happiest days of my life, I had so much fun. I don't think kids want the sort of things we had on our show, they all want cartoons now. I don't think there's been a good kids TV show since SMTV. I loved that with Ant and Dec and Cat Deeley. But No, those days are over now.

Finally, the band, Underoath asked you- What is your least favourite food?

Mangoes, I had a mango once and I was very sick, so haven't eaten one since. It's one of the few foods I don't eat, because I eat everything..except mangoes, obviously.

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