Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

But in an exclusive interview we see another side of the feisty sexpot, we see the good wife, and the down-home chef, but most of all we get a glimpse of Eva, the game changer.

This Eva Longoria interview is featured in the Spring 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas

In the interview, she discusses her hands-on advocacy work and philanthropy, reading up on Democracy, and her new female-oriented steakhouse, SHe.

Longoria on a piece of advice her mother gave her:
“My mother gave me one piece of advice that’s always stuck with me. Don’t forget where you came from.”

Longoria on her newest philanthropy project, the Eva Longoria Foundation:
“Latinas make up the largest labor pool in this economy. I want to invest directly in their success.”

Longoria on living in her West Hollywood home with girlfriends:
“I grew up with three sisters and love a full house. I basically live in a sorority house now.”

Longoria on recently reading up on American democracy:
“I’ve been studying the Constitution for myself but also as a way for me, as a Democrat, to comprehend the Right. I think it’s important that people who are politically active understand both sides. One of my biggest pet peeves is speaking out of ignorance.”

The full interview can be viewed: Cosmopolitan for Latinas

The Spring 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, on newsstands Tuesday, February 5th.

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