Georgia Legg chats to Female First
Georgia Legg chats to Female First

Thespian turned personal trainer Georgia Legg is a part of TRX’s Training Club, an all-in-one virtual gym, enabling people from all over the world to take part in a workout whether it be live or on catch-up later in the day.

Legg is a big believer in giving every single one of her clients their own personal experience, even if it’s a big group class; and that has been made even easier with TRX’s 1-1 training sessions.

The “pocket rocket” revealed why she turned to the fitness world, explained how to get motivated and spoke about how important having a sustainable diet is.

Why did you move from being a dancer, actor and singer to the fitness world?

I’d done musical theatre and acting for so many years, I started when I was three and I was in musical theatre school by 10. I’d been so immersed in that life from such an early age that by the time I got to 20, I felt like I needed something new in my life.

There is actually a lot more crossover between theatre and fitness than you’d think though. To be a great trainer, you have to entertain people, bring them out of their shell and with a class it really is a performance! So, it actually went quite hand in hand, I used my performance skills and combined them with my love of exercise to make the perfect match!

How important is it to you to give each of your clients their own individual experience?

Massively. Whether it be in a class or a PT session, you always want that person to leave the room feeling as though they’ve had a touch point.

In the fitness industry, it can be like a cattle market at times, one in and one out and not a personal experience. Having touch points with everyone is important, even if that’s just shouting their name or spotting a correction in form in an individual makes them feel like they’re taken care of. I always want them to feel like they’ve learnt something, want it to be more of an accomplishment than just ‘burnt off that Mars bar’! That’s why I love being involved in the TRX Training Club, it gives me the chance to interact with the people I’m training and ensure everyone has their own personalised experience!

Would you describe your training style as laidback or cruel to be kind?

Furthest thing from laidback! Cruel to be kind for sure. My fitness name is the pocket rocket and I’m definitely mean on the day - always with a smile on my face though, of course! You might hate me for it now, but you’ll love me for it tomorrow and the next day!

Have you been working on any new launches recently?

Yes, I’m lucky enough to be involved in the launch of the TRX Training Club! This is their new workout platform which allows people to sweat with virtual classmates in a live class, go solo with on-demand, or receive expert help in 1:1 training. TRX is my life, even before working for them! We’ve been prepping this Training Club for a long time, with small training groups and making sure everything is perfect and now it is! I’m just really excited to show what I’ve been working so hard on for the last year!

Do you ever struggle with lack of motivation and how do you get over that?

Personally, I don’t struggle too much with motivation, but I know that a lot of people do. I’m a big routine person, so that’s what really helps me. Having a morning coffee and then going training always starts me up for the day. There has never been a TRX session that I’ve done that made me go “I wish I hadn’t done that”. You always feel better after!

Try to find things that make you accountable if you’re struggling. Having a training buddy helps because if you agree to train with someone, it’s much harder to back out and can also make it more fun! Booking on to a class is a great way to stay accountable too, another reason I love the Training Club. You just grab your straps, water and follow the leaders. Take it a bit easier or take it harder. 45 minutes and you’re all done for the day!

You've posted various recipes on Instagram which look great, so how important is nutrition to you as someone who does a lot of exercise?

Nutrition happened a lot later in my fitness journey actually. I didn’t realise how much nutrition helps - you can’t out train a bad diet! I always tend to try and eat healthier in the week and go wild on the weekend. I didn’t want to be eating plain chicken and broccoli every meal and not enjoy my food, so I try to think of meals that I enjoy and then find a way of making them healthier.

I try not to worry much about the odd day where I come off the rails. I always say, if you can’t do it for the rest of your life don’t do it at all. It has to be sustainable!

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Words by Lucy Roberts for Female First. You can follow Lucy on Twitter @Lucy_Roberts_72.

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