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Back to: Veronica Mars - A Hidden TV Gem

by sl2003 12 July 2012

I found V/M at soapnet about a month ago. Since I have been looking on line about the show and noticed that I'm no the only one who had never watch the show before because it was basically geared to teens and tweens. Yet the show was worthy of so much more it should have been gear to families since it shows a lot of family interest. That being said the major problem I did notice with the show is most of the character have extreme growth threw the show especially that of Logan, however Veronica the main character show little character growth through she goes threw extreme sitation. It is like all her growth was done in the year just after Lilly's death before the show actually began and that leaves her character to be less likable than Logan and Weevil who seem to learn from their mistake and life itself and do show growth almost with every scene they are in. Last in the third season the show seem to make Veronica almost unlikable pushes Wallace to the back loses Keith and Weevil in the mix and make Logan a shadow of his former self. Only alowing us to see bits of the character you love in the previous two seasons. Then you have annoying new character that are basically place there to cause tention with the main character but with so little interest you want to tune them out. Last they basically leave the show with no ending allowing it to fade off the screen. I do beleave they need to make a movie to wrap this show up but it should be a show coming from seven year later maybe a class reunionwith myster pulling from the history of the show into today and answering the viewers but it was a tv show. So ultimently it should be a made for tv mini series of tv movie. Just my opinion.

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