TIME FOR another trip down under, back to the town of Brokenwood, New Zealand, where the population is small, and the murder rate is high, as The Brokenwood Mysteries returns for an eighth series and delivers another slew of gripping murder mysteries.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 8

The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 8

Following its run on UKTV Drama beginning this September, Acorn Media International brings the much-loved show to DVD and digital as The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 8 and the full bumper box Series 1 to 8 Box set on 7 November 2022.

This delightful Kiwi mystery drama follows Detective Mike Shepherd (Neill Rea – Go Girls), who arrives in the seemingly sweet and sleepy town of Brokenwood. Arriving in a classic car with a country music collection and an indeterminate number of ex-wives, Shepherd is joined by his by-the-book assistant, DC Kristin Sims (Fern Sutherland – The Almighty Johnsons). It’s not long before Shepherd discovers that Brokenwood is full of secrets and suspicions... From mysterious murders to secret societies, alongside gruesome goings-on, killers lurk between the shadows in the seedy underbelly of this town.

Series Eight sees Brokenwood C.I.B’s finest, D.S.S. Mike Shepherd and his associates, Detective Kristin Sims, D.C. Daniel Chalmers (Jared Rawiri – Shortland Street), and Doctor Gina Kadinsky (Cristina Ionda – Filthy Rich) back for more enthralling investigations. This curious team of detectives work together with a warm camaraderie and deadpan humour

against the background of sublime small-town New Zealand and must investigate fresh murder cases, including an ancient family feud which leads to the murder of a modern-day cowgirl, a dead body found in the most unlikely of places, murder most foul at a music festival, and could they possibly have Brokenwood’s first ever serial killer on their hands?

Featuring a soundtrack of Mike’s favourite soulful country music to match the rural setting, each series contains six enthralling stand-alone, feature-length murder mystery cases. Murder lies just around the corner in The Brokenwood Mysteries.

The Brokenwood Mysteries
The Brokenwood Mysteries

Episode One, From the Cradle to the Grave: Mike Shepherd and the team get a lesson in local history when the Brokenwood Museum uncovers a dead body in the most unlikely of places. 

Episode Two, Death n Bass: The Brokenwood crime fighters are called in to investigate a murder at a music festival, where it would appear the victim was quite literally killed by sound.

Episode Three, Spark to a Flame: In a remote community at Pateke Point, a local resident is bludgeoned to death by an unknown blunt object and locked inside a house not her own.

Episode Four, Three Coins in a Fountain: When the world champion of the curious sport of spoofing is found dead in a fountain, the Brokenwood detectives must determine who was willing to commit murder in order to win at all costs.

Episode Five, Good as Gold: A 160-year-old family feud over gold becomes the main motive for murder when a modern- day cowgirl is gunned down in cold blood.

Episode Six, Four Funerals and Fires: A series of deaths leave the Brokenwood detectives wondering if they are up against the town’s first serial killer.


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Title: The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 8 DVD (Cert: 15 Running Time: 558 mins approx)Release Date: 7 November 2022 Cat.No: AV3677 RRP: £29.99

Also available to download and keep from 29 August 2022 Title: The Brokenwood Mysteries Series 1 to 8 Box set Release Date: 7 November 2022 Cat.No: AV3678 RRP: £119.99 Cert: 15(Running Time: 3,239 mins. approx.) 

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