Holly Stars wrote Death Drop and stars as all three Bottomley sisters
Holly Stars wrote Death Drop and stars as all three Bottomley sisters

Holly Stars, take a bow. Writing an original show for the stage and making a success of it is harder than ever before in the current climate, so to see The Lowry in Salford completely packed out for a murder mystery unlike any other, was truly an unforgettable moment.

Where to begin? Death Drop is a unique take on the outrageous murder mystery genre, made famous by the likes of Agatha Christie, turning everything we thought we knew about this vein of theatre on its head and frankly, succeeding in not taking itself too seriously.

An incredible roster of drag performers come together - including the aforementioned Holly Stars - to put on a show that doesn’t ever come up for air. The laughs come thick and fast, to the point where my jaw was aching from smiling so much, as toilet humour combined with quick wit and hilarious one-liners, at the expense of the likes of Prince Andrew, Piers Morgan and other rich (protected) white men.

The Lady von Fistenberg - played expertly by Drag Race UK star and seasoned West End professional Vinegar Strokes - has invited a gaggle of ghoulish guests to her isolated manor on Tuck Island, to host a celebration party in honour of the 10th wedding anniversary of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Triplet sisters Blue, Brie and Spread - all played by Holly Stars - are on hand to serve up a storm in the kitchen, with Findus crispy pancakes, cheese and pineapple on sticks and, Swiss roll on the menu.

Willam takes on the role of Shazza
Willam takes on the role of Shazza

As for the guests? There’s World of the News editor, Morgan Piers, played by Drag Race Down Under finalist Karen From Finance, as well as meteorologist Summer Raines, played by Drag Race All Stars finalist Ra’Jah O’Hara and, washed-up popstar Shazza, with fan-favourite Willam returning to the role. Drag Kings George Orell and Richard Energy round out the cast, playing sexist television producer Phil Maker and, misogynistic Conservative MP Rich Whiteman respectively.

Exclusive interview with Ra'Jah O'Hara and Willam discussing Death Drop, 90s nostalgia, horror and more!

Each and every cast member is given their moment to shine and that is the sign of some tremendous and generous writing. The show is so well-written in fact, that the mystery of exactly who is offing these special guests comes secondary to all of the ridiculousness up on stage.

A truly perfect antidote to a s**tty past year and a half. One heck of a night out and a fabulous reintroduction to the theatre.

Death Drop runs at The Lowry in Salford until Saturday, October 16th. Kill to get a ticket!

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