Dreamboats and Miniskirts is inspired by 7 smash hit album Dreamboats and Petticoats. In 1963, Bobby and Laura's single is not doing as well as they had hoped while Norman and Sue have a baby on the way and Ray and Donna seem to be the picture of the perfect couple.

The cast of Dreamboats and Miniskirts

The cast of Dreamboats and Miniskirts

The Beatles and the sound of Liverpool gives them all a well needed boost to produce something revolutionary.

Bobby and Laura feel inspired to take one more chance and with Norman in tow- they get him 'off the drains' and try to make his dreams come true as their lead singer along with the rest of the band- but will they succeed?

Having not seen Dreamboats and Petticoats- I was unsure as to whether or not I would pick up the story from where it left off, however this works well as a standalone piece of theatre as well as a sequel.

The only way I can describe this performance is Dirty Dancing meets Mamma Mia. The story is moulded around popular tracks from the sixties, inspired by a Mamma Mia like structure, however a lot of the songs you will recognise from the Dirty Dancing film and musical too- however the dance moves are a little more censored!

The cast were equally strong in their vocal abilities and did the more well-known songs justice in their unique renditions of the firm favourites from the 1960s musical scene. Many of the cast members acted as well as provided the musical backdrop- consequently all of the sounds were produced live on stage, rather than relying on an orchestra- so it was in-keeping with the feel of a live band on tour- with us- the audience as their fans.

One thing that was very apparent was how much fashion comes back around- looking at the costumes- a lot of the current fashions are inspired by this era, so it was interesting to compare and contrast with today's popular trends.

The script made cheeky nods to a particular band of Liverpudlian origin, implying that they would amount to nothing. There was also a healthy scattering of innocent humour and innuendo which had the audience chuckling at the risqué suggestion.

Dreamboats and Miniskirts is your soundtrack to the 60s- both young and old will enjoy the timeless music in this production. Songs such as Twist and Shout, The House of The Rising Sun and Oh Pretty Woman among many other recognisable musical numbers unite the audience throughout the performance.

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