The Last One was created inspired by the song of last Kauai O’o bird who sings a song waiting for a response that will never come. It is the last one or I should say it was the last one. I saw a documentary about extinction and this little beautiful solitary bird hit me deeply in my guts. Such a terrorizing and beautiful image at once. Such unarticulated loneliness that reveals the universe and its abyss of the unknown. Deep truth in that image. It makes me small; I wanted to explore what is it? What are we?

The Last One by Anthony Nikolchev

The Last One by Anthony Nikolchev

What are we doing? 

We are three performers, two males and myself, a woman. I didn’t know so much when we began, I know I wanted dirt and rocks of rubble, real materials and a combination of two contradictory energies. We started.

During the work I wanted to explore and play with the idea of male power dynamics, with the idea of male team work, wolf packs, and man as a wolf for man. I don’t know why it happened that way, if I really wanted to explore it or it just revealed itself as a product of letting my little evil out. I don’t even think that I thought that at first, at least I did not articulate it that way, but it happened. Because we don’t know what is a world driven by a female energy but we know that we have to pick up rubbish and cry wars because a potentially male toxic energy drives the word that we are living in. I don’t blame anyone, I actually feel compassion for all. I want to show... well you will see what I want to show because I don’t need to tell it in words; who knows what I have done!

Yes, that’s it. But this show is not political, I am sorry, it is not about that, my show passes through all those things and just shows us, little people, dealing with our fragility. We search again... trying to go deep in a powerful and limit-pushing experience or do we?

We create it every day we perform, to infect the audience with vibrant thoughts, do we? We will see. Every action produces a consequence of other actions in which we immerse ourselves and voila! Toxic masculinity is there!!! I didn’t know it until happened! Why? 

Could art save us? Laughing out loud. Forgive me to try; for me it’s what works. 

Written by Gema Galiana

Summerhall 3 – 26 Aug 2018, 18.30