Jamie Raven was asked to send a fan a pair of used underwear.

Jamie Raven

Jamie Raven

The 'Britain's Got Talent' magician - who was runner-up in last year's series - has received some strange requests from fans in times gone by but was most outraged when he received a letter accompanied with a pair of boxer asking him to wear the garments and send them back.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, the 31-year-old magician said: "I get some weird requests... A fan once asked me to send them a pair of my socks... And another time a fan sent me a pair of boxer briefs and asked me to wear them and send them back, it was really weird."

Meanwhile, the successful trickster - who has 12 years of performing up his sleeve - may be dubbed the 'UK's most popular magician' but has always had another plan up his sleeve in case his dreams came crashing down.

He explained: "I've been performing magic for 12 years now but I studied economics in university... I've never actually had a job in it but I always thought it would be safe to fall back on something but I'm incredibly lucky to be doing what I want to do."

And, although the illusionist's profession goes back over a decade, his passion began when he was only a youngster on holidays with his family.

He revealed: "When I was eleven I went on holiday with my family and there was a magician performing near where we were staying and we loved watching the show and afterwards he took me and my brother back stage and showed us some of his tricks... I learned three different tricks".

Jamie will take to the road for his debut solo UK Tour, 'Jamie Raven Live on Stage', a night of grand illusion, from June 16.

Tickets are now on sale from www.jamieraven.co.uk.