Please tell us about your brand of comedy- what can audiences expect?

JJ Whitehead by Lee Allen

JJ Whitehead by Lee Allen

Jokey Jokes and anecdotes. The usual JJ Whitehead fare. I guess what wouldn't go amiss in a good Netflix special.

Which comedians have been your biggest influence?

Well, it's definitely the likes of Billy Connolly and Eddie Murphy that inspired me to BE a comedian. Then you catch the amazing performers like Phil Nichol who inspire you to share every bit of yourself. ....and then if you're lucky enough (as I was) amazing comedians like Ed Byrne, Brendon Burns and Jim Jefferies will take you on the road with them to hone the craft.

What random things make you laugh in everyday life?

I've lived in Britain for so long that awkward silences are becoming awesome and hilarious.

Please tell us about your best and worst moment on stage so far.

Back to back Late N Lives at The Gilded Balloon in 2004. On night number one I died on my ass and got booed off stage only to return the very next night and get a standing ovation for the same damn set. That's comedy.

Do you still get nervous when you do a gig?

If we clown folk don't get slightly nervous before shows then we're doing something wrong.

Why is Edinburgh Fringe Festival such a great platform for comedians?

Because it's a collision of every breed of the art form. There is just so much to be influenced and inspired by in one city, and for a whole month at that. It gives you plenty of time to let everything sink in.

Who are you looking forward to seeing as an audience member?

I always love catching Carey Marx. He's prolific and writes the kind of jokes that every good comic is instantly jealous of.

What is your advice to aspiring comedians?

Just get your ass out there and do it. I know that in this day and age it can easily be more appealing to just build up your social media followers, but if you're not practicing the actual delivery then you're not going to be ready to capitalize when opportunity calls.

What is the oddest heckle you've ever received?

Compliments are always strange. I was at The Kitchener Waterloo Comedy festival in Canada and a woman interrupted my show shouting "I love your hair". Luckily I somehow got a laugh after a long pause and an "ok, thanks".

What is next for you?

Who knows. I'll be living out of my suitcase until we figure out the next president of the US I think. Then I'll try and decide where to escape to.

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