Please tell us about your brand of comedy- what can audiences expect?

Lou Sanders

Lou Sanders

A nice bit of clean fun. But with swears in. I mean I don't do anything political or serious. I'd love to but it's not my area - the world at large - not my area. Think more jingles, one-liners and French kissing.

Which comedians have been your biggest influence since you decided this was your path?

Hmm not sure but I love watching American stand ups like Demtri Martin and Zach Galifianakis. Also John Kearns is on fire at the moment and I like watching people who do the opposite of me - sketch comics like Lazy Susan or low fi music stuff like David Elms.

What random things make you laugh in everyday life?

My stepdad makes me laugh constantly reading things out from the paper or getting worked up about a lady from a local group who won't answer the phone in enough ring time. Last time I went home- he was swearing at a bag of carrots. And quite rightly it turns out - they were the wrong type of carrots.

Please tell us about your best and worst moment on stage so far?

At the moment I'm enjoying doing my show and also any sort of stupid collaborations so when I'm doing improv with my friend Vanessa Hammick or doing something different like Set List. Worst moment is if you lose control ever and get in your head because then you've let yourself down, the audience down, and also show business down.

Do you still get nervous when you do a gig?

Frequently. It all depends on how I feel on the day but it's usually manageable and I can kind of flip it - though sometimes I am a real big baby about it.

Why is Edinburgh Fringe Festival such a great platform for comedians?

That's a leading question hahaha. It's not it bleeds you dry financially and emotionally but we've all gone mad. It's the same reason as wearing tights - it's uncomfortable and makes no sense but we do it because no one has come up with an alternative and all of our friends are doing it. On the upside though it is good creatively to sh*t out a new show each year - I will say that.

Who are you looking forward to seeing as an audience member?

Patrick Turpin, Annie Mcgrath, Katherine Ryan, Nina Conti, James Acaster, Grainne Maguire, Jack Barry, Rose Matafeo, Stuart Laws, Phil Dunning, Lolly Adefope, Steen Raskopoulos

What is your advice to aspiring comedians?

Write, gig, repeat. And try real hard to be one of the good guyz.

What is the oddest heckle you've ever received?

Someone who thought I was their Dad. What's weirder is they weren't wrong.

What is next for you?

A high street shop.

Lou Sander's show What's that Lady Doing? will be playing at Jack Dome Pleasance from Wednesday 3rd August till Sunday 28th August, every day at 20:15

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