Sometimes I’ll get a phone call from a loved one and we’ll talk for a while. The conversation will end with me saying things like “Talk to you later! I love you. This has been great!” Then, if someone has been nearby listening, I’ll hang up and say, “Wrong number.” (Ideally, they laugh, and I laugh with them.)

Myq Kaplan by Mindy Tucker

Myq Kaplan by Mindy Tucker

One time I saw a dog trying to run up a tree, and he got way farther up than I thought possible. It made me think of a game show “How Far Up A Tree Can A Dog Run?” Answer: farther than you think. Also I was on mushrooms.

After an hours-long meditative experience with a hallucinogenic plant medicine, the shaman thanked the plants, the earth, god, love, and everything. Then his phone started playing the Looney Toons “That’s All, Folks” music.

Once at a restaurant, I ate all my food and then pointed at my clean plate and asked the server if I could get it wrapped up. She didn’t notice it was empty, and took it. Halfway to the kitchen, she looked down and laughed. And then handed the empty plate to another server and said “get this wrapped up.”

Funny comedians.

Unfunny comedians.

Sometimes I’ll stumble over my words, and a good friend will start to make fun of me for that stumble, but then they will trip over their OWN words worse than what they were about to make fun of. Sweet friendly revenge. They say that the best revenge is living well. Pretty close is watching your friend making a mistake.

Whenever my girlfriend sees a cute dog, which to her is any dog, she’ll say “Nonononono!” because she thinks it should be illegal for something to be so cute. It makes me laugh. Maybe you need to be in my relationship to appreciate this one the most. One time we saw a dog skate-boarding. Does that help?

My friend Erin will sometimes say “I don’t get it” to jokes that are very easy to get, as a joke. Sometimes people don’t get the “I don’t get it” joke, and that makes me laugh the most.

Finally, I love callbacks to previous bits. So it seems, what makes me laugh most are jokes, mistakes, drugs, dogs, and people either laughing or being tricked but only for a second. Talk to you later! I love you. This has been great. I’m on mushrooms, dog! (Wrong number… and, that’s all folks!)

Myq Kaplan: All Killing Aside

Underbelly – Freisian (Bristo Square)